Nansha Sees Great Improvement in Customs Clearance Efficiency
Shortening the inspection time for one container from two hours to 10 seconds, the unloading time for international transfer containers from two days to three hours, handling multiple certificates for enterprise registration simultaneously within one day…These are the new innovative policies are being steadily carried out in Guangzhou Customs after the Free Trade Zone was unveiled one month ago. The state-leading instant inspection and release mechanism improved the customs clearance efficiency by 50% in Nansha.
By means of smart management and real time data communication with docks in Nansha New Port, international transshipment cargo can have all-weather automatic customs clearance around the clock by means of paperless declaration, automatic conversion and matching of customs clearance data, and automatic approval, release and cancelation in the system.
“Now, the internal transfer time of transshipment cargo is shortened from one to two days in the past to three to five at present. ‘Instant inspection and release’ and ‘international transfer’ and other new measures brings greater confidence to Nansha’s shipping agencies in serving for huge vessels and flights,” said Zhang Xiaorong, assistant to general manager of Guangzhou Unite International Shipping Agency Co.,Ltd.
Source: Guangzhou Daily, June 12, 2015